How can i make 2018 the best ever?
1.I will start with two people i can make the world better for the rest of the year better for.
This is not really a person but i love him as much as my family and that is my dog i will walk my dog every day because he is a border collie and he needs to run and be active.
The next one is i will not to fight about stupid thing with my brother like who wets the remote on the tv.
2.one way i can make everyday happier?
I will smile at people and say good morning or hi and i hope that makes them happy
And if they are happy it will make me happy. 🙂 so if they are happy and i am happy then thats two or even three happy at the same time now thats a lot of people happ 2 seconds.
3.how can i make my school a better place?
I will include others to play with me in recess because some people are struggling to get friends so i want help them.
4. Eight ways to be kind in 2018
Be nice
Help dad
help mom
Have fun

Winter break :)

Winter break
On the winter break I stayed in hanoi for about 1 week. When my father said if we wanted to go to cambodia my sister ,my brother and I wanted to go, so my dad and mom bought the tickets. My father was really excited because he wanted to see all the temples and monuments because he was an architect befour. I was mostly excited for new year and my birthday witch was just a day before new years. I was born on december 30th. We were only going be in cambodia for four days. I Was fine with that.two days later it was the day to leave i was just sad because i wanted to bring my dog Lw when we got on the plane I was actually really happy because the captain crue said it was going to be a short flight only one hour and forty minutes. When I was getting bored I read a book and played cards with my brother I always beet my little brother yago.
When we got there we did the visa thing but as soon as i got a step out of the airport i felt that
Heat itv was so hot. It was only the night i imagined how hot it would be in the day with the sun out.my dad said we should have a good sleep because tomorrow is gonna be a long day and we were going to see walk a lot to see the biggest temple in the world called angkor wat. But i couldn’t sleep because my sister was texting her friends and the typing noise the phone makes when you type is loud and annoying.the next day was my birthday i was actually grumpy because i couldn’t get any sleep but then i saw the break fast and i saw bacon and if you know me than you should know i like bacon and eggs so i was happy.when we went to visit the temple i was kind
of scary because some parts of temple and if you looked at the floor of the temple you could little holes on the stone temple that was gun shots that hit the ground and walls of the temple from the war in cambodia but we ‘r luck the war is over and no more fighting is going it still was a amazing temple how it was hot.
This wat the biggest temple in cambodia and this temple called angkor wat is the temple they used for the cambodia flag.
After that temple we went to another temple and it was so cold it was a super old and cool temple was destroyed in some parts because of the trees and the trees were breaking the temple this temple was smaller but i liked it more.this is a picture it was so cool.when we were don we went back to the to another hotel cambodia was so busy that the hotels only had one night because everything was booked when we got to the hotel i was so happy this hotel looked so pool and i wanted to take swim in the pool but before i dived into that pool my family have my gave some presents
I got a bunch of books that i wanted liked.the next day we we went to have breakfast and then go an see a temple and then we would watch the sunset to go to the temple we went on a toc toc car/motorbike i was excited for the next temple i just wish it wasn’t that hot my dad on the other side wasso happy he wanted t o stay for another week. to see more temple that wasn’t happening. when we went to see the temple when i saw the temple i said wow it was so cool because of the faceseo the temple built in the stone. When we were done seeing the temple we found out that we couldn’t watch the sun set because of traffic was too much so we decided to buy a smoothies and go back to the hotel we saw the fireworks from the hotel and hotel because it was new years when we got back so we went to this fancy las to eat but it’s kind of annoying because it was like why do we get suck big plates if the food on the plat is about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide?
The next day was our last day so we did something special we went ziplining witch was so fun we got on high trees and ziplined 4 times each higher than the other we filmed the zipline with gopros.i will put the website in case you want to go some day or if you are in angkor
It was super safe and you should check it out if you want.
On the way back i slept the whole flight and went home.
Comment if you live or have been to angkor or live in cambodia.

how to write a comment?

How to write a good comment first you need know what a comment is.
So what is a comment?a comment is when you leave or write a comment to respond to something u can leave a comment on a lot of social media for example youtube bu in this case i’m going to show you how to write a proper comment on edublogs. First you want to have a a greeting usually dear whatever the person calls himself you should write at least two or even three about what they wrote and thing that are interesting about the blog post.
Than you can ask some questions and in some cases some blog post have questions that you can answer so you can answer questions if the the blog post has any so then can respond make sure what you writ makes sense! So that’s how you make a proper blog post

Leave a comment on this post use ing the method that i showed you .

world children’s day

Question ian answering is if you were the leader what you do to help children.

If i was the leader i would give every child a chance to learn.
i think the biggest issue is the education. i think everyone should go to school
And get a free education.because in some places they don’t have enough money .so i would build more public schools and it will be a law for a child to go to school and will also make amore universities free.that is what i would do if i was the leader of the world.


When I read I get distracted easily with the sound or movement. I like to read in silence. When I read out loud, I struggle to read smoothly. So one of my goals for this year is to read more smooth.

What I like about books is that you can imagine the story in your head. The book I chose as my favorite is Wonder. I chose it because I think it’s one of the best books I have read. I think it a great book! ! would recommend it to all kids and adults. Another book I recommend is Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Fudge-a -Mania, The Phantom Tollbooth, and more that I can’t think of now.

The best meal I ever ate


Welcome to my blog! Today I will tell you about the best meal I ever ate.

The best thing I ever ate was a burger which I ate a week ago near my house.

I cannot remember the name of the restaurant,  but it had the best french fries and burger ever!

Even better,  it was kind of healthy. It’s a restaurant where you can choose your toppings. I chose a lot of toppings like sesame seed bun, ketchup, a lot of sauces, bacon, tomato, beef patty, lettuce, pickle, cheddar cheese, mozzarella, and an egg.  Those are only some of the toppings. There were more, but I can’t remember.

When I got the burger I felt extra good because i was hungry.

The burger was super big a nice.

When I took a bite it was delicious.


The restaurant also had these super good fries, so that is one of my best meals. I have a lot of best meals because I love to eat!


What is your best meal?